Thursday, March 16, 2017

No Regrets

Years and time can really change a person. I totally agree that. I used to be a shy and quiet girl; who think that I am utterly useless and stubborn. But time teaches me how to turn out to become a better person. I used to have a gang of course mates, but along time, friendship eventually faded especially they are occupied with their jobs and internships. Once they stepped out from Uni, another social platform you are trying to get in, you are out from their zone. You could find another brunch of friends, ya, but it is gonna be a little hard time to adapt into new circle. 

Currently, I am in my forth year. In order to blend in the Uni lifestyle without my fellow friends, I was trying to join in some clubs and student council, which I wasn't even familiar with. In turn, I have become a Vice President for In-Line Skate Club and a Treasurer for Volunteer Program (a student council) after few interviews and the votes from the election. I was quite shocked that there were many people actually know me beforehand I know them. Thus, not to disappoint them, I promised to improve the club and student council better in the future.   

Now, I got friends. Not only local friends, but overseas friends. I got friends with different backgrounds, schools, courses. They aren't that scary as I thought. They are friendly people outside. Many people camouflage themselves, in reality, they are super friendly inside, but they cover up their personality outside so hard. I learn one thing from here. Be YOLO! Don't care what people on you, don't care their point of view. Don't care their judgment. You are you. You are your whole. There is needless to be in someone’s shoes. 

I have ever thought that my flaws, my imperfections, may shut my circle. However, I was wrong. Friends were there for you, because they were attracted by your unique personalities, not “perfections”. No one is perfect in real life, if there is out there, he or she most probably freak. Or he or she is too fake lying in her personalities.

Again, I would like to remind everyone! Life is not too long or too short. Be yourself! We aren’t live for them, but ourselves. Without regrets, your life is colored.  J  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Extension of Semester - Pain

Be a third-year student, I should be proud of myself.
I shall, but I don't.
Because I have extended my semester,
and most probably I can't graduate on time with my fellow friends.
Feel kind of embarrassing as well as sad.
I couldn't stop thinking that my graduation, my friends' graduation.
It was just a needle pokes on me.
Feel so helpless, feel so stupid.
If I would follow my desire and persuade into IB earlier,
I wouldn't be in the shittest time.
Overestimate myself that I can study Finance.
Overestimate hits me hard.

I know, I shouldn't compare myself with my friends,
yet I scared to graduate myself.
It is much happier to graduate with your fellow friends than being alone.
The sharing happiness, the excitement.

Oh no! I can't really continue writing this...
Pls allow me to post this without a proper ending.
This writing is really painful.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Abroad Career Experience - Internship at DXB

Time flies and now comes to the last month staying here before the completion of my internship.

From moving to a new country where I do not familiar or speak the language and culture, it was the difficult thing to overcome. The adaptation of the cultural immersion and learning the new languages makes me more adaptable, open-minded, aware and accepting all of the individuals while working in the real workplace. It was just like a thing that I want to give it a try.

Things in life are worth working out of its culture and eye opening. The international intern experience was fantastic, just like riding a roller coaster. This experience gave me better ideas and global perspectives to think what I want to do in my current study and/or future career. I am incredibly lucky to have had this experience because I will never know great things happen if I never think of stepping outside of my comfort zone! Therefore, I am here to advise you. Go and grab the chance to do intern, no matter local or abroad. Challenge yourself out of the zone may shape you to be a more confident, well-rounded individual. This is absolutely true, I promise!  

Honestly, I have always had an interest in doing business internationally since I was in my high school and it was a thrill to be chosen by my current company with well-paid allowance. This opportunity was so amazing, like the magic charm, as it will alter everything you do after your internship. From this career experience, I able to find out what is really important to my future career path and job opportunities. It was such a memorable trip for me! I believe if I never get to try this experience, I will never know what the outcome is unless I decide to take a leap and do something different. Thank you very much for giving me such great internship experience living abroad and turn myself into more independent one. Now, I gained my career experience abroad and I found my own future pathway. How about you?

Friday, December 25, 2015

Internship Experience December 2015 + Christmas without Family

From (M'sia) Kuala Lumpur --> Hong Kong --> Dubai --> Oman --> Dubai --> Hong Kong --> Malaysia. 

Here's my real route for travelling and internship. At first, I thought this will be a wonderful experience for me, but then I never know it's so exhausted. I face a lot of issues that I never consider about. I got problems regarding visa, as I just an intern, make a visa is problematic. Second, I am under-age plus travelling alone is quite an inconvenience. Third, I got jet lag and for several days, it really takes some time to recover. Fourth, immobility during flight with chronic sleep deprivation made myself damn tiring. Tired yet I still need to wake up so early every day to work. I really need my own "body clock" or Circadian Rhythms to regulate my sleep patterns, as I knew it's the effect of jet lag. I can't eat well, sleep well and I feel I am so stressed up. 

Now, it was already 3 weeks in Dubai, everything seems to be on my track now. During my fabulous internship experience at the beginning, I think I can't be a receptionist, until today I am allocated in Marketing Department as an intern. People used to say "never try never know" and I extremely agree with this statement now. Personally, I am a shy person. Trust me I don't even know why am I so shy sometimes and I seldom find topics to interact with others because it was hard for me to do so. Eventually, I don't have many friends in my circle.  

Therefore, people will approach me and guide me when I was in need. I appreciated them so much for existing in my life. Especially this internship trip! Without my uncles and aunts, I don't think I able to settle down so fast. Serve me with good food and comfortable stay. I feel blessed with the full heart.  Without them, I feel so lost in the airport and might be unable to find accommodation in the very last minute. Thank you so much! Also my colleagues, in the multicultural workplace, it's a great experience to meet everyone with different skin colours, eye colours, cultures, background, and religions. We used to speak English, although we have different languages in our home country. By chatting with them, it was really surprised to discover their unique cultures and lifestyle. From the way they speak, you can even see how they feel the proudness like it was an honour to tell other people regarding the magnificence of their home country. Only you know how shallow actually you were, if you never step out from your own country and get know their culture. It was also an indirectly knowledge sharing whislt learning. 

Without stepping out to other countries, you just a little frog under the well. You will never discover the beauty of the world. It was so huge to explore and you will get facinated easily. Some places full of ancient, historical; while some are so modern and classic. You will get enchanced by those brillants with their superb artworks and designs of buildings, and reflect them through different perceptives. It is also one of the way to regenerate and refresh your crtical thinking skill. 

25122015, Christmas without family members around. Feel a bit homesick, but then I didn't cry. I already expected I can't have Chritmas, New Year and Chinese New Year with family. Feel the loneliness, but then luckily I still got my uncles and aunts here. They are so friendly to plan everything for me, so thoughtful. Bring me to discover the beauty of DUBAI and ABU DHABI by road trip. Again, I feel to say thank you to them. Hundred thousand millions of appreciations were not enough for them, and I really want to salute them. Their thoughful suggestions in the workplace and travelling really help me a lot. 


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Will it be my favour?

Along the journey of studying and I realised I was tired of everything. Tired of studying what I currently study, and tired of the workloads. Overwhelmed with those tensions and keep asking myself why am I not taking the initiative to move or exploring the outside world. Finally, I got the opportunity to tell my parents about my plan and here comes the mind of doing internship overseas.

I am studying International Business and Psychology, and this was my interest or so-called dream job when I was young. I got this mindset particularly comes from my behaviour. I love freedom and dislike to stay at one place for a long period, of course, home is my exception of consideration. 

Being a truly internationalist, explore and experience while working always be my dream in my deepest of my heart. When I received the offer letter of internship, honestly, I was so excited. I have been hoping so long and here is the chance for me. At the same time, I worried. Maybe I am not that independent as I think, I feel so miserable of my choice. Although the intern just 3 months, I already panicked. I wonder how huge changes will affect myself. I don't know. But it seems it's a great opportunity. So I am giving it a try. Hopefully all is well just like how I think. 

Will it be my favour? 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Trip back

Tat Ipoh trip makes me reminiscing a lot. 😚😚
Although it wasn't a grand trip, but everyone of us enjoy so much.
That's all.
We are "easy-satisfied" human beings.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reminiscing of the day

不要再为这些事而烦了。。。(Anonymous, 2010)

Last time, I used to have a very good friend to me. She was good and she could scold me. What she said, now only I fully understood. Maybe I am naive enough, so I am not really or truly understand what it actually means that time. I liked to argue with her, even it was a small tiny things. None of my business or those useless club president issue also will become an issue to argue. Until now, another best friend in my university told me the same time as well. Only I realised, besties, those besties only will tell you the truest words ever. I miss you guys! Really, missed you guys a lot.